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Filed Under (Accommodation) by Marian on August-15-2008

Reconstruction of the fishing port in Beira, in the central province of Sofala, will start within days after donors gave the green light to the project, the Noticias newspaper reported.

The donors, the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), have authorized use of available funds, despite these not covering the entire cost of the port rebuilding project.

An overseas study indicated that complete rebuilding of the Beira fishing port would cost US$ 20 million. But after a tender was launched for the project it was concluded that the cost would be double this amount – over US$ 40 million.

In this situation the Maputo government had to enter new negotiations with donors and its was agreed that funds will be used to rebuild only a part of the fishing dock, Fisheries Minister Cadmiel Muthemba told Noticias.

The second phase of the Beira project involves rebuilding of part of the dock for deep-sea fishing and other complementary construction. Maputo’s ministry of fisheries says it will continue to seek funds for the entire port modernization scheme.

The minister said work on the first stage of the Beira port rebuilding would be concluded mid-2009.

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