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Filed Under (Accommodation) by BC Travel on September-25-2008

Southern Mozambique, specifically Ponto do Ouro, is the host to this truly unique and memorable experience. That means a passport is required to discover swimming with the dolphins in Mozambique. Non South African passport holders need a visa which can be obtained at the border.

Sightings are never guaranteed as the dolphins are, in fact, wild animals. However, with the right people the chance of seeing these majestic creatures is about 80%. Whale Sharks can also be spotted during the summer months and guests can enjoy swimming with these gentle giants.

Filed Under (Accommodation) by Marian on August-15-2008

Reconstruction of the fishing port in Beira, in the central province of Sofala, will start within days after donors gave the green light to the project, the Noticias newspaper reported.

The donors, the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), have authorized use of available funds, despite these not covering the entire cost of the port rebuilding project.

An overseas study indicated that complete rebuilding of the Beira fishing port would cost US$ 20 million. But after a tender was launched for the project it was concluded that the cost would be double this amount ‚Äď over US$ 40 million.

In this situation the Maputo government had to enter new negotiations with donors and its was agreed that funds will be used to rebuild only a part of the fishing dock, Fisheries Minister Cadmiel Muthemba told Noticias.

The second phase of the Beira project involves rebuilding of part of the dock for deep-sea fishing and other complementary construction. Maputo’s ministry of fisheries says it will continue to seek funds for the entire port modernization scheme.

The minister said work on the first stage of the Beira port rebuilding would be concluded mid-2009.

Filed Under (Accommodation) by Marian on August-13-2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 13 Aug ‚Äď Aeroportos de Mo√ßambique (AdM) has launched a tender to undertake further modernization and enlargement of the Quelimane airport in Zambezia province, Noticias newspaper has reported. AdM communication director Sandra Ganancio said the Quelimane airport has registered considerable increase in traffic and its infrastructures are consequently in need of modernization to face new demands, including better safety and comfort for passengers. In parallel, with a contract singed in February with the Phil/SEMCO consortium, AdM will invest US$ 8 million in resurfacing the main runway at the airport, as well as build two taxi ways and aircraft parking bays. This work is scheduled to last 17 months. This stage of the modernization will also give the airport a fence, improve communications, build new power generation sources and provide new airport vehicles and fire trucks. A new departure lounge will also be built from the existing arrivals and departure lounges. The contractor selected for the airport upgrade will finish the work in time for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Mozambique estimates that 150,000 tourists will visit the country during the World Cup. As part of preparations for the tournament, Mozambique is modernizing ten airports, renovating the Mozambique airline fleet of its national carrier and also improving rail links to South Africa and Swaziland.

Filed Under (Accommodation) by BC Travel on July-23-2008

Mozambican national carrier LAM will acquire two 75-seat airliners before the end of the year, company sources report.

It is not known what routes the new planes will be operated on. LAM starts up a Maputo-Luanda service soon in partnership with Angola’s TAAG. LAM has recently hiked its fares due to rising global fuel prices.

LAM’s fleet comprises four Boeing 737-200s and two Jet Stream 41 turboprops, which operate on domestic services and to Johannesburg and Durban.

Filed Under (Accommodation) by BC Travel on July-22-2008

Mozambique remains the country of friendly people. Numerous recent tourist trips, reported absolutely no problem with regards to retaliation as a result to xenophobia in South Africa!

Mozambican Government officials announced publicly that no such nonsense would be allowed in Mozambique.

The present situation in Mozambique is calm and peaceful towards all foreigners.
From the owners of Light House Reef Resort

Filed Under (Accommodation, Honeymoon, Inhambane, Mozambique Travel) by BC Travel on July-18-2008

The tranquil, romantic Flamingo Bay Water Lodge, in Inhambane, is the only resort in Mozambique built on stilts situated in the water. The main building, connected by a wooden walkway, is set apart from the chalets. The resort offers a golf cart service which will take you to your room, or to the main building which houses the reception, lounge, curio shop, swimming pool, as well as the bar and restaurant.

Filed Under (Accommodation, Fishing, Mozambique islands, Mozambique Travel) by haxton on June-25-2008

Macuacuane Lodge is an up and coming fishing Lodge in the Zambezia province near a quaint and quiet town called Pebane. Absolutely mesmerising beauty and tranquil surroundings are created by the coconut palm groves in the area. The lodge is fast becoming famous for the outstanding fishing that seems untouched due to its remote location.                                           

“I have been up and down the Mozambique coast line in search of a perfect location with perfect fishing and I have found that Place; Macuacuane Lodge. ” —– The Malawians.

“Fishing days at Macuacuane Lodge compare to the Mid-Indian Ocean atolls that I have fished..” ——–Jaimie Milling (Australia)

“Two Marlin were hooked¬†in one¬†day, and one of them was on a small blue Rapala lure.” ——– Mick (Zimbabwe)

Filed Under (Accommodation) by haxton on June-20-2008

I have travelled the length and breath of Mozambique, mainly in my quest for deep-sea fishing havens. Mention must be made of the Mozambique fishing holiday Lodge,  Macuacuane Lodge. It is absolutely the perfect spot for remote tranquillity with the beautiful panoramic sea views and beaches. You can access 4 uninhabited islands from the Lodge with medium sized fishing boats where you encounter uncharted dive sites and fishing spots. A container ship fell prey to the reef and has become a Fish aggregating device and is a must see. The fishing is the best I have encountered in Mozambique. Macuacuane Lodge has very comfortable chalets all built from hardwood and great attention to detail and comfortable facilities. The greatest asset is the double story bar that captures the sea breeze and really adds character to the camp.  Perfect!!!